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Liber Abaci Revisited

1202 - 2021

The Search for TRUTH

The Universe holds many secrets and the TRUTH, it seems, is very elusive. Our 400 years journey from the time Kepler’s book “Harmonices Mundi” was published in 1619 to the present, still we only have a limited understanding on the dynamics of planetary motion.

Our journey will take us back 800 years from the time of Fibonacci and 2,300 years (300 BC) from the time of Pingala.


The patterns of today will be the science of tomorrow

(Analytical Solution to the N-Body Problem)

Why do we recognize patterns? …Maybe it’s because we are part of the same pattern and we see things that are familiar to us. The patterns and the equations that describes it is already in our mind even before we see the patterns with our eyes.